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Pre-Made Plans

Pre-made plans are general programs designed for a specific goal or body part. These are one time payment only, and are not personalized. Once you buy your program you will receive an email confirming your order, and you will receive a download link as soon as possible.


About Us

Here at Cope With Fitness we do online fitness training the right way, through years of testing apps and software I have put together a seam-less interactive online coaching process that makes certain fitness training programs and meal plans are customized to not only meet but surpass your goals! The first step is to do a free consultation via phone call in which we would converse about how the CWF training process works, what your specific goals in training and nutrition are, if you don’t have any that’s ok we would just figure out what you would want to focus on for your fitness, then your nutrition program, the easiest way to do this is to chat about what you have tried or heard about before so that we can assess your experience level and know where to begin!

Everything you need will be accessible on the Cope With Fitness APP that comes with your membership, your training program which comes with voice over demonstrational videos for each workout, your meal plan which each item has a substitute list that you can customize to your liking and also a grocery list on the bottom. The app lets you track your workouts from start to finish, or just check in and go at it. The app even comes with a timer for rest periods. You may attach your Fitbit, my fitness pal and many other apps that will assist in the trainer being able to help you better along the way! It even comes with instant messaging that is identical to I messaging! Read More!

Jeff Cope CEO

About Me

I started this company with the hope of being in a better position to help people, when people think of online personal training, they just think of a training giving them a workout and meal plan and saying go at it. THAT IS NOT THE COPEING WITH FITNESS WAY. When I get a client, I know they will be coming to me for workout and nutritional advice, but also with everyday issues, stresses, and their problems in general, because that’s what distracts them from reaching their fitness and nutrition goals! So, in order for me to help them form a healthier lifestyle, I must first help them with their mental health, and teach them to use the gym as a tool to relieve their stress and clear their minds!

I don’t view myself as a personal trainer, I see myself (and I think most of my clients would agree to this) as a lifestyle coach, also as someone they can come to when they need to vent, and figure out how to handle a situation. When a client is having issues in their life such as anxiety, depression, social anxiety, or maybe its family issues or even work related issues, I am there, yes of course I want to help them get in shape while living a healthier lifestyle, but in order to achieve that they must be able to focus their energy into their training, maybe they need help adjusting their priorities, or figuring out why they are always making excuses to not go to the gym. So, I have made it my goal to be open and able to GUIDE THEM ON THEIR JOURNEY TO COPEING WITH FITNESS.

When I was a younger my dream was to be a psychologist. So, I studied human behavior, and I became fascinated with how the mind worked, why people felt the way the felt, and did the things they did. When I was in high school, the GYM became my sanctuary, it made me feel sane, my thought was that when I was in the gym I was in CONTROL, I could forget about everything, and go to my happy place, it was blissful, once I felt this happiness, this contentment I had to share it. So, I made it my goal to spread that feeling to as many people as I could, COPEING WITH FITNESS isn’t just a program, it’s a way of life that I want everyone to experience!


Exercise for was very intimidating, I was ashamed of what I have become and what I looked like. Both Jeff and Tyler helped me see who I am past what I saw and that was the beginning my my journey to a healthy lifestyle. What I love about this program is that they are there for me emotionally. They helped me to emotionally cope with my fitness and gave me the push I need to do work! When I want to quit they keep me motivated and I am amazed at how they both find the time to support me ddk2. I appreciate and love there work ethics. I am Coping With My Fitness, you can too!

Wesley Watson

I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the online training, but I figured it was New Years, so why not give it a try...worst case scenario I'd be no worse than I was at that point. From the moment I called for the consultation, Jeff was laid back and not intimidating. He spelled out exactly what to expect for the 3 months and he stuck to it. If I had a problem, Jeff was quick to fix it and work with me. He even wanted a text message when I would start my workouts l, so that if I had a question about how to do an exercise or if a substitution was needed, he would be available. As it worked out, I was finishing up the three months right around the time of a birthday party, and while I was there, people were complimenting me on things like my weight, chest, and it definitely worked. The best part is, they tell you what to do, what to eat, and are there to keep you on track, you have a permanent workout buddy. I would definitely sign up for another round.

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